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I am a tradesman with many talents, I try to extend those talents to my customers at a rate of remuneration that is fair and affordable for my customers. In my opinion no trade is superior to any other and therefore they should cost the same regardless! I do my best to make that happen by charging one hourly rate that is fair. I am in business to acquire a means to survive but also to allow my customers a means to a more functional and comfortable home to reside in.

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  • Internet Services Toronto

    Well so far so good. I listed my business and when I searched it , it isn't actually there yet, unless I search with the name. We will see from here where this listing takes us. Thank you for the free listing, put a link on my site for you at , Tillsonburg is in Oxford, Elgin and Norfolk Counties but mostly it is Oxford County not Elgin as listed on your site!

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